What Types of Men are Getting Kybella?

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Kybella is a revolutionary, non-invasive procedure to treat “selfie chin” – the stubborn fat on our upper-necks. Kybella is proving not only to be popular with women, but with men as well. From Men’s Fitness: Men’s Fitness: What kind of guys are asking about it (Kybella)?  TK: There are two basic categories: There’s the 30-to-40-year-old guy… Read more »

Kybella – Finally A Solution For That Double-Chin

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“Double chin”, “turkey neck”, “neck waddle” or “baggy neck” and otherwise known as submental fullness is one of the most common anesthetic complaints. It doesn’t matter if you a guy or a gal, this solution is effective approximately two thirds of people said they are bothered by submental fullness. This can be enforced by multiple… Read more »

$10 Botox Special

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For a limited time only, get botox for only $10 per unit! Good at our Fairfield and San Ramon locations. Call today to make your appointment.

I Am A New Man

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I will never forget the day when I went shopping with my mom when I was ten years old and the sales clerk looked at her and said, “oh no, we have to go to the “Huskies” isle” and the burst of laughter from the strangers around us. Or the time in freshman PE class… Read more »