Are B12 and Slim Shots For Me?

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What are B12 and Slim Shots? Vitamin B12 is a B-complex vitamin found naturally occurring in the foods that we eat. It helps to restore and maintain healthy blood cell production. B12 does this by absorbing the fats and carbohydrates we consume and transforming them into energy and protein. It also helps to detoxify and… Read more »

Hormone Replacement For Men

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Studies show that to feel more energetic, vibrant, and at our best, we need to restore our bodies to optimum functioning. One way to do this is through hormone replacement therapy which helps us regain youthful levels of vital hormones. This therapy modulates hormonal and metabolic balance to optimal level, so our bodies can operate… Read more »

Become And Èlan VIP

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Look your best, feel your best, and live the life you’ve always wanted. Learn about Èlan Medical Spa’s VIP program. Hormone Balancing At the core of Èlan’s VIP program is the belief that everyone deserves to look and feel their absolute best. The problem is that, as we age, our body chemistry starts working against… Read more »

Hormone Balancing For Men

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Men experience andropause, which is an age-related decline in testosterone. It is a medical condition and treatment is available. This testosterone decline occurs gradually over a thirty year period. The symptoms become more apparent and they include increased fatigue both in the morning and at night, decreased interest in sex, and increased irritability, risks for… Read more »

Testosterone Therapy Can Lower Risk For Heart Attacks

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This study involving over 25,000 older men shows that testosterone therapy does not increase men’s risk for heart attack. Previous research on the effects of testosterone therapy on cardiovascular outcomes has yielded inconsistent results.  Jacques Baillargeon, from the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston (Texas, USA), and colleagues examined enrollment and claims Medicare data… Read more »

11 Warning Signs For Hypothyroidism

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Hypothyroidism is the medical term for an under-active thyroid gland. This common disorder affects nearly every part of your body, from your feet to your brain, your muscles, and even your skin. The thyroid controls your metabolism, which affects your heart rate, body temperature, and how you burn calories. 11 Signs You Might Have An… Read more »