Prolotherapy Success

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Dear Paul Kivela,M.D. I am nearly at a loss for words concerning the help you have given to me concerning the Prolotherapy treatment you administered to me on February 21,2014.I also appreciate the way that you explained the treatment and how it works. Your friendly open manner is something I haven’t experienced in the other… Read more »

I Can’t Thank Èlan Enough

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I can’t thank Elan enough.  I am forever grateful!  If everyone suddenly woke up & realized their self worth you’d have a line down the parking lot.  Buy far THE BEST service I’ve ever invested in. Thank you for everything! -Andrea

40 Going On 60

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Eighteen months ago I was 40 years old, going on 60.  I was overweight, out of shape and lacked career motivation.  Initially I attributed this to the normal aging process and was somehow content to let myself go.  It wasn’t until I saw the disappointment on my son’s face one day when I was too… Read more »

The Èlan Weight-Loss Method Works

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I have struggled with overeating and weight my whole life. Starting in elementary school, as an adult, I have tried everything: every fad, every supplement, etc. Some worked for a while, but nothing has given me the sustainable results I now have with Élan. The Élan method worked for me for three reasons. First, the… Read more »