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For years in my family we battled weight problems, with the exception of my mother who was always rail thin. My sister and I were always fat or considered over weight and people would always ask us, why you don’t look more like your mother. Well, it’s because our father’s side of the family was dominant, we looked like him and his side was fat, unhealthy. They are diabetic wrought with health problems such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and early life heart disease and malfunctioning kidneys due to severe weight gain and a general disinterest in losing the weight. So, I always tried to battle this culture in my family through sports and staying active, basketball, baseball, football, or whatever sport my father would pay for I would play. My sister would not play anything. She continually ate food and hid it under her bed, so no one would find it, and instead of helping her right way, I made fun of her for it. So as we grew up she continued down her path of body destruction as she got bigger and bigger and I got taller and skinnier and when I graduated from High School and went to the military, I was a bean pole and going in to the military definitely helped me control my weight.

Testosterone Check

I am now on to my second life and I guess now I have began to have some body image issues. I have always been into weight lifting and I probably let my obsession get a little out of control as I became pretty big on the top my arms were almost 22 inches around and I had a huge barrel chest but I couldn’t get rid of the stomach. The stomach was plaguing the whole thing, no matter how good I thought I looked whenever I put on a tight shirt it would not matter, as I would have belly sticking out from the bottom because of the stomach. I had spoken to some guys at the job about the same problem, and they told me that my testosterone was probably slowing down and that’s why I was holding fat in that area. “Boy” were they on point with that one. I went to my family doctor at Kaiser and asked for a blood test. When we received the blood the test my doctor admitted the results of my testosterone test were a little low, but nothing to worry about. I took the results and compared them online to someone healthy of my age online and was shocked to find out that they were severely low. When I called the Doctor back he said not to worry, but he would send the results to an Endocrinologist and see if he had a different opinion. Of course his opinion was the same and he refused to put me on any kind of medicine to improve it. I was also not happy with Kaiser, as they were keeping me on high cholesterol medications. These medications were making my muscles sore, as if I was constantly working out pain and soreness, which I had never felt before. The doctor spoke with the endocrinologists, who said decrease the dose, however it did not make me feel better. I spoke with some of the guys at work who were suffering from some of the same issues and over the next couple of months I was beginning to see my stomach push out even further as I took the cholesterol medication and my sex drive decrease gradually.

I still kept my same gym routine and continued to lift weights the same way up to 6 days a week with one day off and 30 minutes a day cardio. I still was not losing any weight around my mid section, and my sex drive seemed to be getting worse with the cholesterol regimen. Even with the smaller doses my muscle groups still felt deeply bruised, and although I could function better and did not feel the pain as much, I still did not feel good. I went to have my blood tested again, and my bad cholesterol levels had fallen some, but not to the levels that my doctor would like, so he wanted me to up the pills again. When I told him I didn’t want to because of the symptoms he recommended we switch brands. I asked him if he might be interested in trying to increase my testosterone levels and he said that it would not help me and it was not necessary.  I disagreed with his medical opinion and that day I decided to change some things.

I made an appointment at Élan Medical with Dr. Andrew and decided to change my life.  I was a little intimidated at first but the front desk staff made me feel comfortable. I went inside the office and they measured my body fat inside of a machine and I had my first appointment with Doctor Andrew.  She was so awesome; she listened to all my concerns and evaluated my chart and medical history and previous conversations with my doctor. When I started the program I was approximately 315 pounds.  I am now 240 pounds. That’s a loss of nearly 75 pounds. My bad cholesterol was 312, now it’s about 125 now. I am a much healthier fitter model of myself.  I eat small healthy meals 5-6 times a day, I am on a regimen of diet controlling drugs that I am slowly weaning myself off.  Soon I will reach my goal weight and I should be able to maintain it. I will maintain it with my diet and the workout plan that I have adopted, with the testosterone injections and the thyroid medication.

My sex life is much better now, my drive is there much more often and I don’t want to take a nap in the middle of the day any more. The best part is that I feel great when I wake up in the morning, which makes me feel like wanting to go for my workouts and I have even began to start running four to five miles a day. I could never run that far before non-stop.  I never had the stamina but I am now training for a Tough Mudder run in Patterson California. There is approximately 17 miles of terrain involved with obstacles that you most fear in life. I am also going to play tackle football for the Sacramento Sherriff s Department in the 40th Annual Gun’s and Hose’s Game in Sacramento. I am looking forward to these events even though people say that I am too old to compete in them. I’m looking forward to proving them wrong.

Overall my general health is better, my weight is down, my sex life has improved, I’m feeling much better about myself and I have the energy to get up and work out and keep moving after the work out is done. Élan Medical has changed my life for the better in so many ways I can’t say enough. I get up in the morning feeling great and I sleep well at night. The restlessness in my sleep is gone, and my concentration level has improved tenfold. Although I have to work a little overtime to replace the money in my budget,  it is well worth it for the way that I feel every day. I could not have made a better choice for the care that I get here at Élan.

Antronne S.