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Hi Dr. Madeline,

I wanted to follow up with you both to let you know that I am doing great!! I have been able to maintain my weight at 138 for 3.5 weeks now and have been following the eating clean meals to this day. Of course a once in a while treat, but only if I crave it….  funny thing is, I don’t.  lol  🙂


I feel amazing and thanks to my new start on my balanced life (hormones/weight).  I have no need for any probiotics, gas  and heartburn relievers.


I am so glad that I came to you guys for help.  My friends are finally interested in what I have done.  🙂  I guess I got the last laugh in what I originally believed in.  I know it’s not just a diet to lose weight and feel good but a balanced/healthy lifestyle that completes a persons well being.  Elan Med has helped me realign my way of life and bring me back my feeling of youth and vitality.  🙂


I will talk to you in the near future, but wanted to keep you posted on how I have been.


Take Care,


Tamara Brikovich  🙂

Fabulous, Fit, and Fifty 🙂