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It turns out that how old we feel actually plays a role in how long we live. People who feel younger generally live longer, while people who feel older than their age have a higher-risk of health complications.

The Los Angeles Times reports:

So say a pair of researchers from University of College London and the International Longevity Centre-UK. They analyzed data on nearly 6,500 English adults and found that those who felt at least one year older than their actual age were 41% more likely to die within eight years than were those who felt at least three years younger than the age listed on their birth certificates.

A total of 1,266 of the volunteers died during the course of the study, but those deaths weren’t evenly distributed among all three groups. The mortality rate among those who felt older than their true age was 24.6%, compared with 18.5% for those who felt their age and only 14.3% for those who felt much younger.

With all of these things taken into consideration, they still found that the risk of death during the course of the study was 41% higher for the people who felt older than for the people who felt younger. (The mortality rate was slightly higher for those who felt close to their actual age, but the difference wasn’t big enough to be statistically significant.)
When the study authors analyzed cancer deaths separately, they found no real link between perceived age and the risk of death. But when they focused on deaths due to cardiovascular disease, they found that people who felt older than their true age were 55% more likely to die during the study than people who felt younger.

The results could help doctors identify patients who are most in need of their help, the study authors wrote: “Individuals who feel older than their actual age could be targeted with health messages promoting positive health behaviors and attitudes toward aging.”

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