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DietSince I started with Élan a great many things have changed for me. I have been able to completely recreate my exercise routine and step up my game. I now do cardio 45 to 50 minutes a day. I swim 3 to 4 times a week. I bike ride now. I am now using a Fitbit to track my steps, calories burned, distance walked, high active periods and my sleep patterns. From that I am now tracking my diet and recording everything I eat. Élan has inspired me to read more on diet and exercise. To date I have read over three dozen books on food, diet and nutrition. I have totally changed how, when and what I eat. I read “the Perfect Gene Diet” and have had my DNA analyzed.

I now eat a diet that is specifically geared for my body/DNA type. Because of Élan, I am now taking much better care of my skin. I have found a whole new regime of skin care all natural skin care products for my face and body. It was Élan and my attention to my health and well being that got me into the doctor to inquire about my life long struggle with ADD and dyslexia. Because of that I am on a new medication to help me focus and work more productively. Finally, it was Élan and their help and support that got me to reduce my alcohol consumption down to one glass of wine a day or less.

Ron I.