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At Èlan, we believe our cients’ lives should be better and easier. And, nothing could be easier than joining our new botox membership program: Botox Love.

Bay Area Botox Membership Club


Botox Love members pay a monthly membership fee for discounted botox injections and huge discounts on other skin care services. Simply sign up and schedule your botox appointments throughout the year. It’s easy and more affordable than any deal you’ll find on Groupon.

If you love Botox, you will love Botox Love!


Standard Membership

($9.00 per unit)

Or, pre-pay and save $240!!!
($7.50 per unit)

What You Receive:

40 Units of Botox Every 3 Months

Elite Membership


Or, pre-pay and save $300!!!

Every 3 Months:

40 Units of Botox

1 Microdermabrasion

1 Chemical Peel

2 Neck Tightening Procedures

Plus 15% Off All Skin Care Products


Please share this with any of your friends who love Botox. Thank you!