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Are you in need of more energy or looking to lose some weight? Our Slim Shots are just what the doctor ordered.

Being overweight, restless, and stressed can make life tough. Sometimes diet and exercise alone aren’t enough to get rid of that last, stubborn body fat.

Our Slim Shots are the answer. The injection is a burst of energy and a metabolic kick-start. It will help detoxify and de-stress while boosting immunity and burning fat. Slim Shots contain:

  1. B1 – Thiamine also called B1 acts as a co-enzyme by oxidizing sugar to produce energy for body organs.
  2. B2 – Breaks down fats and carbs and regulates thyroid activity.
  3. B3 – Niacine lowers bad cholesterol while boosting the nervous system.
  4. B6 – Helps maintain healthy brain function and tissue repair
  5. B12 – Reduces stress and depression while giving a boost of energy.
  6. L-Carnitine – is an amino acid (building block for proteins), boosting athletic performance while fighting visceral belly fat.

Slim Shots will NOT make you feel nervous or jittery! They will give you more energy without a crash at the end of the day and work best when taken twice a week.

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