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Kybella for MenKybella is a revolutionary, non-invasive procedure to treat “selfie chin” – the stubborn fat on our upper-necks. Kybella is proving not only to be popular with women, but with men as well.

From Men’s Fitness:

Men’s Fitness: What kind of guys are asking about it (Kybella)? 

TK: There are two basic categories: There’s the 30-to-40-year-old guy who’s let himself go a little bit, and his double chin is really bothering him. The treatment shifts his health perspective. He’s like, “I’m gonna make sure this treatment lasts. I’m gonna make sure the rest of my body reflects that change.”

Then there’s the active guy—he goes to the gym, he watches his diet and exercise, he’s in pretty good shape—but the submental area is his trouble spot and it drives him crazy. Then he turns to Kybella.

Men’s Fitness: What’s their top concern? 

TK: Guys are afraid they’ll look feminine. But with Kybella, we get rid of the double chin and make the jawline look more defined, prominent, and chiseled. The jawline is probably the most masculine area of the male face, and Kybella is creating a more masculine facial structure.

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