Melt away inches, cleanse your system and lose weight!

Introducing the Elan Medical Infrared Detox Weight Loss Program with lymphatic massage and drainage. This program includes weekly Infrared detox sessions in our revolutionary pressure therapy suit which will rid the body of fat and inches while providing Lymphatic massage. It also includes a complete Detox weight loss program including Metagenics Medical Food and Advaclear a detoxification and antioxidant support agent. Our patient care coordinators are experts and will assist you with your weight loss and detoxification goals to get you looking and feeling your best. Infrared has been proven to help reduce joint and and inflammation as well, in as early as three sessions patients report feeling better. This program is unique to Elan Medical and Offered no where else! Call our office today to learn how you can lose 20lbs in 20 days!

Are you Tired of Feeling Tired or Having Trouble Losing Weight?

Each year, more than 4 billion pounds of toxic chemicals are released into the environment; these toxic chemicals can accumulate in your body and affect overall health. Long-term exposure to even small amounts of these substances has been linked to a number of unwelcome health effects. Under normal circumstances, your body is able to rid itself of harmful chemicals and pollutants . But, sometimes, the sheer volume of toxins to which you are exposed can overwhelm natural processes and accumulate in your tissues. Add to that an unhealthy diet lacking in proper nutrients, and the problem can get even worse and cause unwanted weight gain and fatigue.

Élan/s Infrared Program enhances the body’s natural metabolic detoxification process while providing adequate fuel for both cleansing and other daily activities. Getting healthier is important — and so is feeling your best while losing weight. Our Program will show you how to do it all. Get started today!

Infrared detox weight loss