Are you in need of more energy and / or weight loss?

Being overweight, restless, and stressed can affect one’s whole life. Sometimes diet and exercise alone, just won’t get rid of the stubborn excess fat.

Slim shots might be what you have been looking for. These injections increase energy and give you a metabolic kick start. They also help to detoxify and rid the body of fatty deposits, at the same time they boost metabolism, immunity and energy. They contain many essential nutrients, and amino acids that work together to lessen your stress and enhance your mood.


B1- also called Thiamine acts as a co-enzyme in oxidizing sugar to produce energy for the functioning of the body organs.

B2 – breaks down fats and carbs and helps produce & regulates thyroid activity energy.

B3 – also known as Niacin helps lower Bad Cholesterol – aids in healthy nervous system & well functioning digestive system.

B6- helps maintain healthy brain function helps the process of metabolism, tissue repair, cell production and important activities.

B12- helps in health regulation, reducing stress and depression. B12 also boosts energy and is great for your hair skin and nails.

L-Carnitine – is an amino acid (building block for proteins), it increases athletic performance and is responsible for the transport of fat into the cells to be used for energy in the body. It has also been shown to speed your recovery after workouts. L-carnitine also fights Visceral Belly Fat (one of the most dangerous fats in the midsection) also known as one of the toughest fats to lose.

Slim Shots will not make you feel nervous or jittery like some energy drinks. They will give you a constant stream of energy throughout the week and help rid the body of fatty deposits. Slim shots work best when done twice a week.